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High observation Rangers are essential for a painless scout mission.

A scout mission in Recon, constitutes sending a team in the AO In order to identify a terrain feature. Since the end goal is locating and assessing a parcel of land, its up to the team leader on how to conduct the mission. It is obviously safer to remain covert but most commanders will keep the door open for high payoff opportunities. A scout mission that suddenly becomes dynamic can potentially involve more enemies than were initially estimated. A team that operates in overt mode also dedicates less time to observation in order to remain fast and elusive.


In order to finalize a scout mission a team needs to find the critical location. This is represented with an icon on the ground that the team needs to discover like any other asset. Be advised that some critical locations (CL) are harder to find. A fire base emplacement is fairly easy to locate compared to a relay station emplacement. This is represented by the distance the team needs to be from the critical location.