Occupation Force: Vietnam (OFV) is a real-time strategy game that puts the player in command of a U.S Marine firebase during the Vietnam war. The player can defend the base by deploying units to patrol the surrounding area, eliminating the enemy before they get too close.

A core mechanic of the game is supply management. Every unit costs supplies to deploy and reinforce. Supplies are acquired from airdropped crates, which need to be retrived after they land. The player must act quickly, otherwise the enemy is bound to intercept the drop.

Friendly Units

Enemy Units

Enemy structures:

  • Tunnel
  • Weapons rack
  • Mines
  • Punji traps
  • Bir Tram
  • NVA HQ
  • Motor pool
  • AAA site
  • Bunker
  • AT gun
  • Soviet base
  • Rocket site