Patrol Ending Screen

When you extract you will head to this screen.

Mission ending report example

The Patrol Report will give you information about your mission, and some of element will affect your mission reward. you wil lonly get to this screen by Extraction. ( See the Extraction ) If you lose your team in the action, then you will not head to this screen but back to the Desk Screen. ( See the Team Lose )

Mission Result and Status

Mission Result will give the commander a quick overview about the mission, and also provide information that can help the commander understand the details of the mission situation.

1. Mission Result

There are only two Mission results, Mission Successful or Mission Failed.

  • Mission Successful will gain 1 Merit and all Exp you get in this mission, also will count as the Wining Strike.
  • Mission Failed will not gain any Merit, also only get 25% of Exp and lose your wining strike.

2. Contact Report

3. Status There are three status in the report, Coverage, Stealth and Heat

Special Icon

When Commanders achieve some requirements or complete special actions, they will get mission icons to note their result, and all of these will affect the mission reward.

For the full Icon List you can check here.

Mission Reward

There are two rewards, Exp and Intel.

Ranger Status and Medal

Here will show the ranger who join the operation and their status.