This is the overview page.

Mud and Blood 3 The road to victory is a World War II RTS game based on the historical advance of the 3rd US Army in Western Europe where you start at Omaha Beach and attempt to stay on or ahead of the D-Day time schedule until you reach the last battle at Piesk in Czechoslovakia in order to win.

The game centers on controlling a small squad of six US recruits of which once a soldier has reached 10 xp he can be promoted into one of the 9 different Specialty Classes:

a Rifleman, a Gunner, a Sniper, a Medic, an Officer, a Signaler, an Engineer, a Scout or a Commando.

All of which has different skill sets and unique abilities.

The main game mechanics are in the randomly generated battlefield which you have to fight through in order to progress.

The battlefield has many obstacles as well as different types of cover and even items which can be found and used to your advantage.

Upon reaching the end of the battlefield you are given the choice to keep going or halt for the day.

Halting will save your progress and will return you to the main menu, however, you will not be able to use your troops in the next deployment, but if you keep going you will still have your current troops to possibly gain more ground as well as gaining more days ahead of schedule.

Expect to meet more enemy resistance if you keep advancing without halting and/ or by staying ahead of the time schedule.

If your entire squad dies while advancing your advancing progress will be gone and you will be set back to the day you started the new game minus one since that is the day you lost by failing to accomplish your daily mission.

Each game earns you a certain amount of XP depending on the progress that was done, which can increase your rank.