Hostile forces you'll encounter in Occupation Force.

The game is automatically win when there are no enemy units or buildings on the map left.

The enemy units include:

VC basic enemy

  • Created in a tunnel.
  • Most common foe.
  • Weaker than Marine platoon, but moves faster.
  • Can construct most buildings.

NVA -  medium level threat

  • Created in NVA HQ.
  • Slightly stronger than Marines.
  • Can construct Soviet bases, Machine parks and NVA HQs.

Sniper   - annoying harassing unit

  • Created in a tunnel
  • Attacks from a long distance
  • Deals low, but constant damage to infantry
  • Hard to detect
  • Low survivability

Rider team  - supply thief

  • Created in a tunnel.
  • Weak attack and low survivability
  • Will try to get to the FOB and steal your supplies.
  • An alarm will sound off when the supplies are stolen.
  • Stolen supplies can be retrived if the rider is killed before he can deliver it to the tunnel.

Mortar team - indirect fire support

  • Created in a tunnel.
  • Attacks from a long distance using a mortar.
  • When attacked directly, will attempt to break contact and resume fire.
  • Can be tracked by looking at the smoke which appears when firing.

RPG team - bane of the vechicles

  • Created in a tunnel.
  • Deals high damage to vechicles.

Soviet advisors  - Things just gone serious

  • Summoned from a Soviet base.
  • Airdropped into the AO
  • Operate in small squads.
  • Very high attack, low survivability.
  • If they start dropping in the AO, you did something wrong.

Pt-76  - Fast and deadly. beware.

  • Created in a machine park
  • Very fast
  • Hard to kill
  • Can fire it's cannon, dealing high damage.

T-54  - Unkillable monster of a tank.

  • Created in a machine park
  • Slow
  • Very heavily armored. Almost impossible to kill.
  • Can fire it's cannon and deal huge damage.
  • You can just as well restart the game.