General Asset Types

Your team can locate various kinds of assets, some of which can contain useful information or be extremely dangerous. Below is a list of the kind of assets that can be found while on patrol. There are currently 31 assets in Recon, including 4 VC traps.

  • VC Assets: Enemy assets that are often guarded by VC. 
  • Mission Assets: Assets that only appear in certain missions, usually the key to completing the mission.
  • Environmental Assets: Neutral, often natural elements that spawn randomly throughout the AO.

Special Asset Type

These asset type include some of asset in General Asset type, but with a certain meaning in the Recon, it is worth to point them out.

  • HVT Asset: The assets which relate to the HVT's activities.
  • Strategic Asset: Six assets which directly affect the VC's condition in the AO.
  • VC Trap: A special asset group which can lead the team to death.

What asset I am looking for?

It is common that some of commanders may feel confuse, when they found something never seen before. In order to prevent this situation, we build a picture bank for commander to identify the object they encounter in the AO, simply click the picture will jump to it's own page to read the information. For the picture bank, you can check here.


Here list some information about the asset which is not common been notice by commanders.

  • The asset for Camera: While using the Camera, the asset have some more meaning then normal ground object. For further detail, please read the Camera.